Lixia Search

Lixia Search Showcase

Lixia Search empowers websites and applications with powerful search functionalities. This showcase highlights various ways Lixia Search can be integrated to enhance user experience.

Embed Search Bar: Simply add a code snippet to integrate the Lixia Search Bar directly into your website. See a live example on News Demo Website.

Tailored Search Interfaces: Lixia Search can create a search interface tailored to your websites. Explore the Ars Technica Search demo.

Powerful Search Engine Capabilities: Build a search engine that perfectly fits your unique content. Unlike generic search solutions, Lixia Search lets you create a custom experience designed for your specific data source. Explore the live Hacker News Search demo to see how Lixia Search empowers users with dynamic controls to refine their search results for a more efficient experience.

Elevate Your Search Experience

Lixia Search offers a variety of solutions to enhance your website’s search functionalities. Contact us to learn more!